Oasis Backpackers Hostel Malaga

Oasis Backpackers Hostels in Malaga is the most “badass” hostel in Malaga. We have a saying at Oasis Backpacker’s Hostel in Malaga, “ If you can’t meet anyone here, you can’t meet anyone anywhere!” or maybe that was “Why do my socks smell like tequila?” Either way, cheap drinks, two bars, and endless activities keep travellers mingling all night long. In Malaga we want everyone to join in the fun.

Budget Rooms and Dorms in Malaga, check them out!

At Oasis Backpackers Hostels in Malaga we have many types of rooms ranging from 4 to 10 bed dorm for all types of travellers. All rooms come standard equiped with comfortables beds, personal safes, linen, blankets, key card access, Free Wi-Fi access and reading lamps, available upon request.

Activities at Oasis Backpackers Hostel Malaga!

At Oasis Hostel in Malaga, we believe that it’s important that our guests feel not only what it’s like to stay in a city but what its like to actually to live in it! Our World Famous staff and receptionist have put their years of knowledge together to creat these “Malaguenian” activities and events to give you a true Local experience. We admit that we also like to have a “good time” and alot of our activities are also of a drinking nature. Our Staff does alot of tours for free and a small tip in exchange for a smile would help them with chicken and beer money! See Malaga or Die!

Free Walking Tour

Bike Tour

Beach Trip

Pub Crawl

Malaga Tapas Tour

Chorro Hiking Trip

Things to do in Malaga, our Backpackers Guide!

Malaga is amazing! A city full of vibrant life and a rich history, Malaga is one of the most popular destinations of Southern Spain. With this list of must-see sights, you’re sure to see Malaga the way it’s meant to be seen and experience all the best parts of this vibrant city.

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✨ Do / did you watch Game of Thrones? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨ This place must be for you! The real Alcazar of Sevilla, the set of the world wide-known TV show. 🎬🎥
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Instagram post 2113912610173502286_8013724256 Ultimas vagas no Aerial Yoga Workshop - Sábado 24.08 as 16hs (2hs / 20€) Aguardamos as vossas inscrições.
Last spaces for our Aerial Yoga Intro Workshop on August 24th at 16hs. Call or send us a message to book.
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Summer is here and, although in southern Spain we are used to having this hot weather most part of the year, it is good to find a refreshing way to enjoy this hot season. Being hydrated during the hottest months is essential to replace all the vitamins and mineral...

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Chorro Hiking Tour

Chorro Hiking Trio, 9hs at reception Duration: all day, 15€ A full day emerged in the beauty of Malaga's surrounding natural parque- el Chorro. We will take the train for approx. 45 min and step out into the beautiful nature for our hike into the mountains and...

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Bike Tour

Bike Tour: Time 16.30 Duration 2 hours, 12€ With this tour you will discover the lesser-known areas of the Malaga away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From the center we follow the seafront and stop in the Paseo del Parque. Then we ride through the Baños del...

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Oasis Backpackers Hostels Málaga is centrally located, it is very easy to find us!

Just follow directions below and you will be alright.
Remember, you can always call us should you get lost and need some more directions(+34) 952 005 116


Calle San Telmo, 14
29008 Malaga, Spain
R. T. A. H/MA/02206

How do I get to Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Malaga…?

Malaga is a bigger town but well connected. So it shouldn’t be so hard to get to us. Our adress: Calle San Telmo 14, 29008 Málaga

Geo codes: 36.721796,-4.422432

from Malaga Airport

Take the train from the airport and get off at the second last stop Centro/ Alameda. Head for the Ibis on Pasillo de Santa Isabel for about 200m direction IBIS Hotel. Cross the river to turn right into Puerta Nueva that leads into Calle Compania. Turn left when you come to the THYSSEN Museum into Calle de los Martires, than the first right is Calle San Telmo 14.

from Malaga Train Station

The same as from the busstation, they are just next to each other and you can chose to walk, take the urban train or a taxi.

from Malaga Bus Station
You have the choice. It is either a 2km walk through Malaga city center or a 2min local train ride.

Should you choose to get the train from the train station just right next to the bus terminal, get off at the Centro/ Alameda stop.

From here, walk up north next to the river on Pasillo de Santa Isabel for about 200m direction IBIS Hotel. Once this is on the left side from you on the other side of the river, turn right into Puerta Nueva that leads into Calle Compania. Turn left when you come to the THYSSEN Museum into Calle de los Martires, than the first right is Calle San Telmo. We are at no. 14.

Should you decide to walk, walk to the right of Paseo los Tilos turning into Callejones del Perchel. At the roundabout take a right into Avenida de la Aurora crossing the river. Continue on the river bank on Pasillo de Santa Isabel heading for the IBIS Hotel. Once this is on the left side from you on the other side of the river, turn right into Puerta Nueva that leads into Calle Compania. Turn left when you come to the THYSSEN Museum into Calle de los Martires, than the first right is Calle San Telmo. We are at no. 14.

By Car
Our hostel is located in the local highstreet- i.e. no car access. The best is to drive into Calle Puerta Nueva, unload your things and either park it at CAMAS parking (at the market) or inquire with our reception staff about our own parking available. Give us a call before to enquire if spots are availabe Tel: 0034- 952 005 116

What customers say about Oasis Backpackers Hostels Malaga

Two well-equipped kitchens, clean en-suite bathrooms, nice staff and good location in the heart of the historical center of Malaga. Very close to multiple tapas restaurants and bars, convenient especially for those looking for nightlife. The staff was very friendly and helpful in everything. The Wi-Fi also worked really well, which was a positive surprise! This is more of a party hostel, so if you are looking for peace and quiet, you may want to bring earplugs with you. Kristiina, Finland

Travelled in May 2017

Good Memories of Oasis Backpackers Hostel Malaga, The staff were exceptional -very friendly, helpful and courteous John, USA

Travelled in May 2017

Hostel was easy to get to from airport. Staff very friendly. This is one of the cleanest hostels I have stayed in and I have stayed in many in Europe and Australia recently. Kitchens were spotless. Good location, even has a lift to the three floors. When I am back in Malaga, this would be the first hostel I would try to book. Alan, UK

Travelled in May 2017

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