Tapas bars in Granada – Spain

Granada is the capital of Tapas. Why? Granada is one of the only cities left in Spain that still serves tapas for free with each drink purchased, making it a favourite not just for budget travellers with a thirst, but for foodies of all levels of sophistication.

La Riviera

Big tapas, fast service, and a location close to the hostel. You can choose your tapas from the list provided. Why not start your tapas tour in here?

Calle Cetti Meriém, 7

El Nido del Búho

Not your average tapas bar. For what many claim to be the best tapas in all of Granada, this is the spot, though it is a bit out of the way. Alhambra Especial and classic Grenadines are served standard and are considered a luxury over other more common beverages served in most tapas bars.

Calle Doctor Pareja Yébenes


Reina Mónica

Full tapas buffet! For only 2€, you can choose four different tapas from the variety provided. Perfect for the budget traveller who wants to save a few more Euros without betraying their appetite for great tapas.

Calle Panaderos, 20



It must be acknowledged that going for sushi in southern Spain may not be the first thing on your list, but Yamato’s well-priced sushi tapas make for a refreshing change of pace. Order an Alhambra Especial in the bottle for 3,50€ along with two sushi rolls or for maki rolls.

Gran Via, 29


Babel World Fusion

Very popular with the younger crowd, this place can get quite animated. So if you’re looking for a more quiet place, maybe you want to move on. But this is regarded as a great stop for delightful, low-priced tapas. They have tapas from all over the world and serve satisfying international dishes as well.

Calle Elvira, 40

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